Friday, August 21, 2009

Law Makes Blasphemy Illegal in US

Get a hold of the U.N. and tell them what you think about their little attempt at destroying free speech by going to the following link,

In a 2002 debate with Tariq Ali, Christopher Hitchens outlines the ways in which Jihadism resembles Fascsim:

1. It teaches the embittered and the ill-educated that nothing is their fault.
2. It projects the hatred and resentment of the embittered and the ill-educated onto vulnerable or imagined targets, exclusively civilian.
3. It preaches a fundmantal anti-semtic conspiracy theory.
4. It relies on elite death squads and killing units.
5. It is for sale to high bidders.
6. It declares war on all art, all culture, and all literature, fusing state power with cult and religious power to eradicate knowledge, science and beauty.
7. It can only maintain momentum by the continuous export of violence.
8. It proposes a society run by the precepts of one mediocre book, and that society would be totalitarian in the strict, literal sense: that everything not forbidden is compulsory, and everything not compulsory is absolutely forbidden.

While all of the above are traits that the two share, I personally think that most people who use the term "Islamofascism" use it to invoke thoughts of Nazism, which everyone opposes.

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