Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Speech, Hate Speech, the UN and Youtube

Hate speech is basically an impossible concept. All you have to do is turn up your sensitivities and then EVERYTHING counts as hate speech. Due to its subjective nature its essentially unworkable.

Islam is very good at getting offended by almost anything, as is scientology. Both are very heavy on trying to classify people who call them on their psychotic beliefs as hate-mongers.

Further the recent UN resolution to attempt to criminalize blasphemy is both a step in the wrong direction and is unworkable.

However when people are using their free speech to advocate the killing of others, they have broken the law.

But what to do when such a minority constitutes a significant portion of the population?
Options include education of western values, imprisonment, or segregation.

Naturally if they can present a convincing argument in an open forum for changing the law, then thats fair enough, but before you have to acknowledge that you are not allowed to threaten anyone who disagrees with you with death or violence.

Finally youtube. C0ctapus got suspended. He helped out with our recent protest against youtube. Apparently no reason was given. I dont remember too much about his videos other than they were of a similar topic (the problems with religion etc) to this channel. He also was a supporter of free speech.

Thetaomega had a satire of Fred Phelps taken down:

C0ct0pus is back at:

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